Our fantastic photography training

Photography tuition on your trip

Time Exposure Travel are pleased to offer you the very best of Photography Tuition.

Digital SLR cameras offer the freedom to experiment with photography – making it easy to capture any kind of shot, preserve your favourite memories or create your own photographic works of art. On this trip you will learn all about the digital SLR camera modes and settings, how to use them and also how to edit your files.

Throughout the duration of the trip you will learn about the essential elements of the Digital SLR Camera via a step-by- step guide, allowing you to enhance your photographic skills and knowledge. This will done by daily classes and throughout the day when we “walk and talk” and also 1:1 sessions on the bus journeys. Our photographer(s) will be available all day to assist, aid and answer any questions all day.

You will explore the various functions of your digital SLR or compact camera, allowing you to maximise the use of your camera and move away from the automatic settings. The training is very practical, and will use your own camera to capture images whilst testing the various settings available. You will also focus on specific genres of photography to see what settings should be used to achieve the best possible results. You will also be taught how to edit your images in Lightroom and/or Photoshop (own pc/mac with appropriate software required).

The training will be tailored everyone’s ability, from beginner to advanced enthusiast and by the end of the trip you will be a much better photographer.

Course notes are provided prior to departure and cover the following topics

  • Module 1: Introduction to photography
  • Module 2: The world of digital photography and photography types and categories
  • Module 3: ISO explained
  • Module 4: Shutter speed explained
  • Module 5: Aperture explained
  • Module 6: Basic composition
  • Module 7: Advanced composition
  • Module 8: A detailed look at light
  • Module 9: Photographing in black and white
  • Module 10: Shooting travel
  • Module 11: Landscape, seascape, cloudscape
  • Module 12: Effective portrait photography
  • Module 13: Creative photography
  • Module 14: Tricks, techniques, special effects
  • Module 15: Common mistakes and how to avoid them
  • Module 16: Developing photographic diaries
  • Module 17: Photographic editing (part 1)
  • Module 18: Photographic editing (part 2)